26 januari 2023

Your pension increases 

PME has increased pensions. From 1 January 2023, everyone will get 6.2% extra. This means you will have a higher income when you retire. Would you like to know more? Our webinar will answer your key questions.

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PME funding ratio decreased

Our funding ratio decreased in the fourth quarter of 2022. The reason is that we increased pensions. In addition, the financial markets are still unsettled. The funding ratio indicates whether we have enough funds to pay all pensions. Now and in the future.

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Major step toward new pension system

The House of Representatives supports the new pension system. It said so at the end of last year. Now it is up to the Senate to assess the new system. Is the majority of the Senate in favour of the new rules? Then pension funds will have until 1 January 2027 to switch to the new system. PME's pension scheme will also change. Trade unions and employers will decide on its content. In December, we investigated what people find important for their pension. We will share the results of the survey with you soon.

Read more about the new pension system

Lump sum to start later

Are you about to retire? And are you thinking about having part of your pension paid as a lump sum when you take retirement? Then keep in mind that this option will take effect later than planned. The lump sum option was supposed to become available on 1 July 2023. But legislation has not been finalised yet. The minister is now aiming for 1 January 2024. As soon as we have a definitive date, you will read it on our website.

This is how the lump sum option works

Factor A: what is it again?

It is probably the most popular pension question we get at the start of every new year: what is factor A and where can I find it? Factor A shows your pension accrual in one calendar year. Do you have an annuity or do you participate in bank savings for your pension? Then you need your factor A for your tax return. For your tax return for 2022, you use the factor A for 2021. You can find it on your Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) for 2022. Looking for your UPS for 2022? Go to our website, log in and go to Documents.

PME climate plan: there is no Planet B

Just like other pension funds, PME pays most of its pensions from returns on investments. Investing works best in a world that is not warming up any further. In a world where people are not fleeing drought, floods and hunger. In other words: a stable return requires a stable world. PME takes its responsibility in this respect, with ambitious climate targets and clear intermediate steps.

Read our climate plan (pdf - only in Dutch)

In the next edition of PME Magazine, we will answer questions from readers about our climate plan. Would you like to submit a question? Then email us at magazine@pmepensioen.nl with 'Reader's question climate plan' in the subject line.

We are at your service

Questions about your pension? We are happy to help you. You can reach us on business days between 8am and 5pm. Call +31 (0)88 194 70 01, chat with us or send an email to deelnemer@pmepensioen.nl.

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