19 Oktober 2023

PME funding ratio increased

Our funding ratio increased in the third quarter of 2023. Rising interest rates more than made up for the loss on investments. The funding ratio indicates whether we have enough funds to pay all pensions. Now and in the future.

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Webinar: will pensions be increased again?

Early this year, your pension at PME was increased by 6.2%. Will we be able to increase pensions again in January next year? We will know by the end of November. What we do already know is that we will organise a webinar about this subject on Thursday, 7 December. In this webinar, we will also look ahead at PME's switch to the new pension rules. You will receive an invitation from us in November. This live webinar is in Dutch. A recorded video with English subtitles will be made available on our website.

Find a free training course that suits you

We are working in a beautiful sector. But also one in which work can be sometimes be quite physically demanding. How do you ensure that you are fit and satisfied when you retire? Find out at fittotjepensioen.nl (in Dutch). Take the 1-minute test and find out how fit you are! Want to give yourself a boost? Then take one of the many free training courses or talk to a coach. Fit until retirement is offered to you by the A+O Metalektro Training Fund.

How to stay fit until retirement

More than 200,000 Pensioenchecker downloads

Checking your pension as easily as your bank balance. That is the idea behind the Pensioenchecker. This free app gives you clear answers to key questions (in Dutch). How much pension will I get in total? How does that amount change if I stop working earlier or continue working longer? And is it smart to save extra for my pension? Over 200,000 people have already downloaded the app. Will you join them?

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